How to get Health, Happiness & Love in day to day life

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Jai Guru Dev !

Let the self in you win. The God, Guru and Self are same. It is with in you. God is with in you. Let the God in you win. It is the victory of big mind over our small mind. When you understand this, life becomes very simple.

I started this website to spread the word about the " Art Of Living" organization and Our beloved Guruji " Sri Sri Ravishankar". I did my Basic course in October 2008. You learn about 7 levels of existence in the Basic Course. Body ,Breath, Mind, Memory, Intellect, Ego & Self. Body is at outer side and self is very inside. We are always concerned about outer things and don't have time to look inside. The true happiness & peace is inside. The basic course teaches you the most powerful breathing technique " Sudarshan Kriya" & then you realize true happiness & peace is inside. Are you ready to give something? If you give something, you wlll get something. Our nature work on give and take. This is the most basic and natural rule.

Smiling Sri Sri Do you want to
  • Eliminate stress
  • Sleep better and smile more
  • Lose weight and increase energy
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Maintain harmony in relationships
  • Improve your immune system and overall well-being

If your answer is YES then you are at right place. The Art of Living Part 1 ( Basic ) Course aims at achieving the above things. Please go ahead and read further.

Quotes From Master

"Meditation is the comfort in Life. "

"LOVE is seeing God in the person next to us, and meditation is seeing God within us"

"WHEN the ego dissolves, all discomforts go away with the ego. Discomfort is not because of “something;” it is because of ego — a separated-ness."

"THE purpose of every practice — spiritual practice, meditation, breathing techniques, and kriya, all this — is to uncover something that blocks the expression of Divine Love."

"Behind everything is your ego: I, I, I, I. But in seva there is no I, because it has to be done for someone else. It is for the need of the time, or surrounding people, that you do it. "

"By self-study, by observing, by being hollow and empty, you become a channel - you become a part of the Divine. You are able to feel the presence of the Divinity. All the different angels and devas, all these different forms of our consciousness, start blossoming."
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