Do not let go anything in Anger instead let it go with Wisdom

Satsang with Sri Sri Ravishankarji on 19 Feb. 2012 At Bangalore.

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Many times we say in life, I don't want anything. I have left everything. Instead of letting-go with anger, it is better to let go with wisdom. In challenges also you have to hold on to your duties.

We generally put ghee first in the dish before we put sweet, so that it does not stick. In the same way, use the Ghee of knowledge and do your duties. The whole world is permeating with God.

No one is saying not to live in comfort and that you must give up comfort. But know that none of this belongs to you but it has been given to us by the Divine. My house, my house... we keep saying this. But even after you die the house is going to remain, isn't it!

The Upanishads have not said that you should renunciate everything and go and sit in the forest. Don't say, mine, mine and become inert.

Wake up and see nothing is yours in this world.

So with anger, don't leave anything. Wake up and see nothing is yours in this world. When you see this then the mind become peaceful. Think it is possible then it will happen.

Think it is possible then it will happen.

Can you do this or can you not? If you think it is difficult, then it will become impossible. If you think it is possible then it will happen.

Many times in anger we day, 'I give up!' You know, don't give up something good that you are doing. When you are doing something good thousand obstacles come your way. There is a saying by Kabir, why do you give up all good things, like chanting God's name. We don't give up our anger, our greed... So we should give up our anger and not say I give up in anger. Similarly, you hold on to things which are not worth holding on. You hold on to all the unwanted things that people have said to you.

Whole world is filled with Divinity

The Upanishad says the whole world is filled with Divinity. Enjoy this universe with a sense a sacrifice and know that nothing belongs to you. If you learn to give up in wisdom you will never be frustrated. How many people have come today? Are you all comfortable. If there is comfort in the mind, then there is comfort. Today we will continue with silence, tomorrow it will open. Tomorrow morning we will have Rudraabhishek and in the evening satsang.

What is Shivratri?

Q: Please tell us about Shivrathri.
Sri Sri: Resting in the supreme truth is Shivrathri. When the mind reposes in the self, that is Samadhi.

Q: Jai Gurudev Guruji, why does something good go wrong in-between?
Sri Sri: That depends on your sankalpa shakti.

Q: Guruji, if energy is neither created nor destroyed then how can we get moksha,
Sri Sri: Knots are in the rope, when you remove the knots, then the bandhan is removed. The rope still exists.

Sri Sri: In life there are ups and downs. Whatever the situation is, have faith in the Divine. Suppose someone insults you how do you feel? Are you willing to listen to insults? When you listen to insults something happens in the body? You get angry and you head gets hot. So if an insult can have such a big impact on you, then chanting the name of God, won't it have an impact on you?! An insult sometimes stays with you for so many years. So there is a lot of strength in the name of God.
Sri Sri: People may have some psychic powers, but that is a level below than what we are doing here. (A member of the audience reciting a poem to Guruji)

Q: How do you give the right answer to every questions?
Sri Sri: That is why I am sitting here.

Q: I have many favorite channels. Which one should I see?
Sri Sri: Just keep surfing among them.

Q: If I share my goals or desires, will they get lost?
Sri Sri: Yes you can keep it a secret. You don't have to go on announcing it to everybody.

Q: Who is a sincere devotee?
Sri Sri: Do you feel that you are a sincere devotee? Then don't doubt it, that's it.

Q: What is the difference between Shiv and Shankar?
Sri Sri: They are all one.

Q: I have a question. For how long do we have be responsible for our parents?
Sri Sri: If you think of it as a duty then it will be a duty. If you put the good values in the children and tell them that they also have duties then they will fulfill their duties.You have to teach them knowledge. If they only see the mother and mother-in-law fighting, then they will have those impression in them. We need give our children the right values. That is important. Then they will have a sense of duty.

When someone does seva out of love and happiness, then it has any worth. For that knowledge is important. When parents are loving and dispassionate, which child would leave such parents. And if they leave such parents, how can they stay happy.

Q: Why does the fruits of actions in the past lives have to be reaped in this life?
Sri Sri: That is the way it is. Some fruits are reaped in the past life and some in this life.

Q: Is it right to meditate on the bed where we sleep?
Sri Sri: Yes you can meditate anywhere. Don't meditate in a swimming pool or when you are driving a car.

Q: Why black color is not used in the Temples?
Sri Sri: In some temples they wear only black. These are just social customs and they vary. They don't have any reasons.

Chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' to remove any unfavorable planetary effects

Q: How to get rid of unfavorable planetary effects?
Sri Sri: Chant 'Om Namah Shivaya' to remove any unfavorable planetary effects. Shiva is the lord of all the planets. So chanting will help.

Q: What should one do to get good thoughts only?
Sri Sri: When bad thoughts come give them a hug. Don't try to chase them.

Q: Guruji, after we have come to you, do we need to worship anything else?
Sri Sri: Devotion towards Guru is same as worshiping. No compulsion.

Q: Is mind the root cause of all diseases?
Sri Sri: Definitely mind has an impact.

How do mantras impact our life?

Q: In Rudra Pooja a lot of mantras are chanted. How do these mantras impact our life?
Sri Sri: Just the vibrations is what counts. You cannot understand the mantra intellectually. It is like music. Music you simply hear and sink into it, soak into it. SO vedic mantras need to be soaked into because they are multi-faceted and very deep. Each letter has so many meaning. If anyone wants, you can do research on it. That is why it is called mantra. You just listen to it and you feel it, then you go deep in meditation. When you understand it, or want to understand then you are on the surface.

Q: Guruji, is it necessary to spend so much time on rituals?
Sri Sri: Rituals are not just superficial. Rituals are effective only when there is meditation. Rituals without meditation has not effects at all and this is what is Rajayoga.Mantras energize the consciousness, energize the system and that is where it is very prominent. It is very scientific, there is nothing unscientific about it.

Sri Sri: If this universe is not there, then you are not there and I am not there. The purpose of the universe is so that you can go into the search of the self.

Launch of Enlighten, an Android based tablet

Q: What is Seva?
Sri Sri: Help each other. This is Seva

Check out following video of Satsang with Sri Sri Ravishankarji on 19 Feb. 2012 At Bangalore

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"Meditation is the comfort in Life. "

"LOVE is seeing God in the person next to us, and meditation is seeing God within us"

"WHEN the ego dissolves, all discomforts go away with the ego. Discomfort is not because of “something;” it is because of ego — a separated-ness."

"THE purpose of every practice — spiritual practice, meditation, breathing techniques, and kriya, all this — is to uncover something that blocks the expression of Divine Love."

"Behind everything is your ego: I, I, I, I. But in seva there is no I, because it has to be done for someone else. It is for the need of the time, or surrounding people, that you do it. "

"By self-study, by observing, by being hollow and empty, you become a channel - you become a part of the Divine. You are able to feel the presence of the Divinity. All the different angels and devas, all these different forms of our consciousness, start blossoming."
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